Issue: August 1, 2016

Anne of Green Bagels.Schade, Susan (Author) and Buller, Jon (Author) Schade, Susan (Illustrator), Buller, Jon (Illustrator)Aug 2016. 180 p. Papercutz, paperback, $14.99. (9781629914657). 741.5. Anne, a red-haired sixth-grader, goes to her first day at a new school with a seaweed bagel sandwichpacked by her health nut grandparents, earning her the titular nickname. She’s going through someconfusing times: her dad’s disappeared to test a kooky invention; she’s moved to Megatown, where everyhouse looks almost exactly the same; and she doesn’t know anyone. One day, she finds some of her dad’sold cartoons, learns he’s the uncredited cocreator of her favorite TV series, and decides to get him thecredit he deserves. Anne’s matter-of-fact first-person narrative makes up prose chapters, which alternatewith Anne’s green-tinted dreams, rendered in wordless comics panels with fine-lined, cartoonish figures.Anne’s narrative doesn’t offer much insight into her interior thoughts, but the dreams reveal more abouther feelings. While the transitions from comics to prose are occasionally a bit jolting, the combination ofstorytelling formats affords kids lots of ways to connect with Anne’s tale, and the ultimate message—thatbeing weird can be great—is an empowering one. — Kristina Pino

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