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NUDISM COMES TO CONNECTICUT is a fascinating graphic memoir of optimism, debt, nakedness and real estate sheming in the early 1930s.

Frank Mallett, inspired by cooperative colonies he had visited in Europe, returned home envisioning utopian communities of bohemian emigrés and artistic intellectuals proliferating in sylvan harmony. With the crash of 1929 his already floundering enterprises seemed doomed — until he discovered a growing interest in healthy, wholesome nudism.

lClosely based on actual people and events, NUDISM COMES TO CONNECTICUT exposes the conflict between the ecstacy of the "exquisite native plunge" and voyeurism, competitiveness, and greed by way of many period writings and letters. Although Frank's love of nature never falters, he learns that there is more to nudism than meets the eye.

Fantagraphics Underground, July 2023


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