Hi Samantha,

We’re glad to hear that you and your children enjoy our books.  I’ll try to fill you in a little on my background.

I was born in 1947 in Groton Connecticut and had a happy, suburban, fifties childhood, except that I was very tall and very shy.  Oral reports in school filled me with terror.  I had a sister who tormented me in childhood by being older, smarter, more popular, etc., but who has turned out to be a wonderful friend.  My father worked at Electric Boat where they make submarines, and my mother was an artist.  Most of my friends’ fathers were in the navy.  When I was in high school we moved to Lyme where my grandmother lived and where my mother and her sisters owned property.  That property has descended to my sister and me and to our cousins and has been most influential in the path my life has taken.  I met Jon one summer when I was waitressing on Martha’s Vineyard, then returned to school in the Cornell University Fine Arts Department to get my BFA.  After I graduated, Jon and I traveled to California and New Mexico, and then back to Connecticut.  We thought we would stay on the family property while we decided what to do next, but we ended up staying forever.  Because we had a nice place to live cheaply, we were able to find easy part-time jobs locally and eventually to get some books published.  My job was in the Old Lyme library, first as a children’s librarian and then in reference.  We shared houses with family members until we were able to build one of our own.  Now, besides writing books with Jon, I manage some rental houses for the family and try to keep up with the encroaching flora.  We have two cats and no children, but my sister has obliged by having two daughters and they have three daughters, so we have not been deprived of youthful company.  Most of my family still lives here or visits regularly.  As far as our book writing careers go, Jon is much more motivated than I am, which is a good thing because the drawing part of the process is much more time consuming.  Usually the writing comes first but we pass ideas back and forth and critique each others work.  We don’t travel much, and are very happy with our home, our family, and our lifestyle.



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